Relics of a Lost Age

Meet and Greet

In which we meet our party and their employers

Sorry for the sparse details until now – my brain shut down on me pretty hardcore.

During the first session, the party met with Korgun at the tavern, their employer for quite some time, and were informed that their next job was actually going to be a recovery/investigation to be made on behalf of one of the most powerful organizations in Kaer Maga – the Ardoc Brotherhood.

The party met with Merriman, head of the Ardocs, who informed them that he had been contacted by a third party claiming to have information. Information that would lead to the location of either an intact power core* from a Thassilonian War Golem, or the labratory where it was created. He insisted on discretion, as such a find would be enticing to many other parties, and mentioned that none of his sons knew exactly what was at stake either.

Merriman, being a man who gets what he wants, ended the meeting after telling the party that he had already arranged payment with Korgun.

The party’s instructions were to go to Sirathu and speak to a man named Zanros, who can be found in the Pactum Tenebrae.

*For information on why this is would be of value, read this.



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