Joakim Ardoc

Ardoc Brother, Golem Crafter, Dispenser of Justice


“Father Merriman asked me to accompany you as an expert on all things golem… should you need me, that is.”


Tall, burly, and mostly silent, Joakim is a representative from one of the most influential organizations in Kaer Maga. The Ardoc Brotherhood controls all of Bis, with a fair if harsh breed of justice. They also happen to be some of the most preeminent golemcrafters on Golarion, so Joakim’s claim to being ‘an expert on all things golem’ is not a boast, just a statement.

He has accompanied the party to Sirathu, stating that Father Merriman asked him to offer his services to them, and provided the marker for payment that Zanros wanted before he would share his information with the party.

Joakim Ardoc

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