Korgun Gottrisson

Archaeologist, Scholar, Entrepreneur


“What the bloody hell do you think I pay you for!? There I am, with me team of diggers and scribes and nary a sword betwixt the lot of us, and we come in to find that not only have the ruins not been cleared out – no, that would mean you earned your pay. No, not only had ye not cleared out the ruins, but you lot actually stirred up the entire. Goblin. Tribe! So no, I willna be payin’ ye! Get out of my sight.”


Short, stocky, foul-mouthed and with an ego the size of a raging Hill Giant, Korgun Gottrisson embodies all things Dwarven. Beneath all that lies a sharp intellect and a keen eye for profit. He’s a student of eras gone by, and knows how to take those findings and turn them into solid gold. Or platinum, depending on the daily market value.

Korgun Gottrisson

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