Golem Power Core

A golem, as you well may know, is a special construct. It is created by taking a specially-prepared body and then performing a ritual to bind an elemental spirit (traditionally, an Earth elemental spirit) into the body. The spirit is then bound to the artificial body, merging it with this specially prepared vessel and subjecting it to the will of the golem’s creator.

But while the spirit of the elemental is the driving force and provides the basic level of consciousness required to understand and perform commands, how does it actually animate the body to do it’s master’s bidding?

This is where the power core comes into play. The power core is a special component of the golem that contains raw arcane energy that allows the possessing spirit to both animate the body it inhabits, as well as being the source of the magical immunities and resistances that all golems possess.

Each power core is unique to it’s maker, containing as it does a raw outpouring of the creator’s arcane might. Each golemcrafter also puts their own unique spin on the creation process, with many of the secret processes used by previous civilizations being lost to the ages.

Golem Power Core

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