Kaer Maga

“New to the city? All respect and honors, gov, but you’re not. No one is. Thesewalls have seen wonders that would turn you or me to dust, and they’ll see more after you’re gone. No sir, Kaer Maga may be new to you, but you’re nothing new to Kaer Maga. Ten thousand years she’s slept here, and still we’ve yet to wake her. Some would say as we’re her dreams, on account of our strangeness, I don’t buy that. I say we’re her children, though a fat lot of good that does us. See, the city, she’s like a giant insect who’ll devour her young without a second thought. In here, there’s none who will so much as bother to forget you when you’re gone. You’re nothing. I’m nothing. And these warrens will be our tomb."

“Why the long face, chum? This is home! And besides, you’ve got me. And for a fiver a day, I’m your new best friend…"

“Thing is, sire, everyone wants something from you here. The merchants want your coin. The Freemen want your ideology. The necros in Ankar-Te want your corpse. The Tallow Boys want—well, nevermind what they want, save that you’ll know when they come looking”.

“The point is, everybody here wants a piece of you, and some want the whole blessed thing. The key to doing well here is in making them all think you want something from them, too, to help keep them on their guard. Otherwise they’re likely to give you something else — right between the ribs."

“It’s a rough city, gov. Try to keep up.”

“Only fools and dwarves go underground. Well, and the Wardens, but there’s a fair bit of overlap there as well. Sure, there are stories—gold and jewels, ancient scrolls, magic swords, the whole bit. I’ve seen a few come true, too. But more often, I’ve seen the tattered carcasses the Wardens pull up with them out of their holes, eyes all plucked out and limbs broke to bloody rags. Those are just the ones they bother to bring up, too."

“No, the Undercity isn’t for you and me. If the gods had meant us to live underground, we’d all be born dwarves, and the first step I take down there will be when the Pharasmins lay me in the ground. Leave the deeps alone, I say, and pray they never take an interest in you. There are things down there, gov. Things man was never meant to see.” – Gav Nahli: freelance greeter, entrepeneur extraordinaire, philosopher king and spelunking expert.

Kaer Maga

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