The ancient empire of Thassilon (pronounced THAH-sih-lon) occupied most of western Avistan for over a millennium. All that now remains of the long-dead empire are mysterious ruined monoliths scattered throughout the landscape of Varisia.

Founding & Rise to Power

Thassilon was founded by the benevolent emperor Xin, who first harnessed the power of rune magic. Due to the immense size of the empire, Xin established seven fiefdoms run by his most trusted advisors and the most powerful arcanists in the land. As his personal influence over the nation became smaller, his ideals were also pushed to the wayside, making way for the villainy of the sinful runelords, who gained even more power than Xin, but did so on the backs of the people of Thassilon.

The Fall of Thassilon

The true reason for Thassilon’s destruction has been lost to time, but several theories exist. It is quite likely that the constant feuding between the power-hungry runelords ruined the nation from within. Some historians theorize that the enslaved stone giants revolted and tore apart the very structures and edifices they were forced to build, outlawing the use of rune magic. A smaller number of Thassilonian scholars hypothesize that, in their efforts to explore newer and darker realms of rune magic, the runelords unleashed an evil power so immense that even they could not control it, resulting in the downfall of their arcane empire. Whatever the reason, Thassilon is no more than a thing of legend in the modern world—a reminder that even the mightiest can fall.


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