Relics of a Lost Age

To Sirathu

The party begins their journey.

The party gains an ally with Golemcrafting expertise to advise them. They the successfully navigate the Half-Light Path (although not without incident), meet up with some interesting characters on the road, and arrive in Sirathu. They find Zanros, negotiate with him, and learn where their next destination lies.

Before the party left town, they were approached by Joakim Ardoc. He came bearing a marker for Zanros that would allow him to collect on his payment from the Ardoc Brotherhood – should his information prove worthwhile. After talking wiht Joakim, he offered to accompany the party and advise them on all things Golem, as the party had no direct knowledge of the subject.

Zanros, who contacted the Ardoc Brotherhood, was to be found at the Pactum Tenebrae in Sirathu, which was a 3-day journey from Kaer Maga since the party chose take the Half Light Path. They did have the option to join a caravan and follow the trade roads which parallel the Yondabakari down the plateau – but this would have taken a week and a half instead.

The party was escorted along the Half Light Path by Clauna von Graian. It was eerily quiet along the Path until they reached the Locked City, at which point they heard something scrabbling against one of the doors from the other side. Clauna advised the party to move along swiftly, but then the Dracolisk burst through the wall, causing the tunnel behind them to collapse.

They made short work of the Dracolisk, suffering no injuries themselves, and recovered some valuable items from the Dracolisk’s lair (right behind the opening that it came through). Clauna then sealed the entrance to it’s lair along with the party’s help, using some of the rubble from the cave-in that had blocked the path to do so. The rest of the journey along the Half Light Path was uneventful.

Upon setting forth along the trade road to Sirathu, the party found themselves in the company of Grizniak Steamwhistle’s Caravan, with whom they did a bit of business. Grizniak and his crew were friendly sorts and invited the party to share their campfire at night, and the party made some tentative friendships along the way.

Arriving in Sirathu, they made their way to the Pactum Tenebrae and asked the bartender where they could find Zanros. After incorrectly trying to identify themselves as friends of Zanros, to Zanros, they went to a back room to discuss their business privately.

Zanros seemed friendly and willing enough to talk once he knew who the party was, and shared his information once Joakim handed over the marker from the Ardocs. He had acquired the document in question from a recent patron, who knew it had some worth but didn’t know enough to understand it’s full value. The document was a couple of pages from an ancient explorer’s journal, documenting an entrance to some ruins he had discovered in the Storvall Rise to the Northeast of Sirathu.

The document is only partially-legible due to damage from the ages, but the readable piece does speak about finding a golemcrafter’s workshop and describes things that could be a power core. For more information, see the document here.



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