Relics of a Lost Age

Into the Caves

Wherein the party enters the cave system and meets the inhabitants.

The party moves out from Sirathu, successfully navigating their way to their destination. Once there, they have to negotiate with the inhabitants, bypass some deadly fungi, and kill the Hunters in the Dark.

Having gotten the information they needed in Sirathu, the party must first find their way to the cave system referenced in the Journal. Solven’s knowledge of geography and the Storval Rise allowed him to pinpoint the area referenced in the Osiriani explorer’s journal and guide the party to the Fanged Skeleton.

When they reached the entrance to the ruins, Natalia found footprints and markings indicating that a tribe of Kobolds had been making their den within the cave system. She then lead the scouting party inside, leaving Solven to keep watch on the entrance.

Entering the cavern, the party encountered the Kobold Tribe in their camp amongst the rubble. The Kobolds were alerted to their approach, but were still taken off guard when Albrecht began parleying with them, as they had thought they were well-hidden.

In speaking to the Kobold Shaman, Draahzin, they found that he and his tribe (the Shattered Grin) had taken refuge in the mouth of the caves, but had not ventured much further due to something they called the Hunters in the Dark. Any Kobold who ventured too far from their central campfire never seemed to return.

Once past the kobolds, they successfully navigated their way through the yellow mold surrounding the pool from a broken fountain and followed the tunnel until arriving at a break in the cavern wall leading into the Thassilonian Enclave itself.

The entrance to this first room was simply a hole in the rock wall where a once-secret door succumbed to the forces of time and nature. Inside the room, a group of spiders had taken up residence, preying upon anything that stumbles into their lair and occasionally venturing out to snack on the unsuspecting kobolds. They were hunting spiders, and as such, there was not much in the way of traditional webs.

Despite Natalia being trapped alone in the room with the majority of the spiders, the party survived without any casualties and reached the Sealed Door.



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