Relics of a Lost Age

The Door is Opened

In which our party makes their way past the Sealed Door.

((Sorry for the delay – I hadn’t realized I’d forgotten to post this in the public log))

Our intrepid group of adventurers looted the bodies that they found in the spiders’ lair and moved on, coming to the Sealed Door, a puzzle used to unlock the entrance into the Thassilonian Enclave that they sought.

They were faced with the following riddle:

The statue before you
Holds chain that was made
For keeping the time
With its pendulum blade

The mid hour of night
Is farthest away
From where the eyes of the statue
In its head lay

Hours of daytime
And hours of night
Here are the same
I shall shed that light

Each hour is named
After person or thing
Your job is to find me
I am no king

With the silence of grave
A death come too soon
The master of Shadow
Stands thirteen past noon

Past him stands the Gypsy
And somewhere between, a valiant sight
A Knight of the realm
And a Dragon who fight

Merchant, a trader
His wares beside him in Wagon
Crouches as far away as he can
From the infamous Dragon

The mystical Gypsy
With her tarot cards
Steadies his wares
Lest they crash into shards

The beast of red scale
And long crimson tongue
Is caught right between Knight’s blade
And the shadowy one

Across from the Castle
Stands the Giant of rock
The Hydra of nightmares
Stands across from the Hawk

The Hawk is a hunter
With talons so fine
He stands next to Gypsy
As she sips on her wine

The Peasant sleeps poorly
He tosses and screams
For his is the hour
Of ghosts in his dreams

My place is not tricky
find where I lie
I stand where not mentioned
Which hour am I?

After much deliberation, the party successfully chose the correct hour and marked it by setting the pendulum blade in motion on that hour. This activated the ancient Thassilonian mechanisms that opened the door to the enclave within.

They found a ransacked storeroom, and then entered another chamber containing some ancient Thassilonian magical device embedded into the floor. Their brains too fatigued from dealing with the puzzle set by them at the Sealed Door, the device before them did not immediately give up it’s secrets and so the party set to work on inspecting the device.



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