Relics of a Lost Age

Upon Returning Home

After receiving our reward for the last mission, Korgun asked us to meet him at the Tarhill Promenade. Upon our arrival we were shown into his office, which was of finer taste than I thought it would be. A shaken, timid elf named Merilin was speaking with Korgun and he told us that she might need our help. We were his “best team” after all.

As it happens, Merilin was part of another group, hired by Korgun, to investigate the Council of Truth. They had hired a washed up ex-Dusk Warden named Falomand. That was a week ago, and Merilin had not heard from her partners since.

The rest of the meeting was spent asking questions and devising a plan. When Merilin had left, Korgun pulled us all aside and told us the real reason we were to go find the party; the possibility of finding an abandoned Council of Truth lab bestowed Korgun with the kind of mirth only a lucrative venture could. Yes, we were to find out what happened to the other group, but the real mission was to find the base or lab of the Council of Truth.

We found Falomand at his favorite hangout, a curious little place located at The Cavalcade, The Stern Cobbler. The place was near its closing time and we wasted little daylight. After many failed attempts to find Falomand (some ending in the company of loathsome barbarians who were overly fascinated with all things magic and things that appeared to be so, and some ending with ambiguous job offerings) we located the ex-Dusk Warden.

He had indeed taken the lost party to the entrance to the Undercity, but had left upon receiving payment. We hired the nigh-useless brute to take us where he took them. He agreed to do so and we left out immediately.

He took us through an ancient maintenance shaft where he showed us the secret entrance to the Undercity. Mourundar and Natalia passed through the door and into the darkness, scouting the path ahead…


Thanks for the work, sir. :)

A bit of a shorter session than most, but I do appreciate your taking notes and keeping the log up-to-date.

Upon Returning Home

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