Grizniak Caravan

A trading caravan lead by the Gnomish tinkerer Grizniak. The caravan is of medium size – 4 wagons, 6 pack mules, Grizniak himself, 4 other traders, 12 assistants of various disciplines, and 11 hired guards who rotate between walking, riding in the wagons, or riding one of their 9 horses to scout ahead and behind the caravan.

Grizniak’s Caravan
True Neutral, Large Caravan

Danger Modifier +10
Government Type Magical
Population 28
Base Limit (GP) 1300
Purchase Limit (GP) 7500
Spellcasting Available 5th Level (Arcane Only)
Minor Items 3d4 Potion of Resistance, Potion of Cure MW
Ring of Counterspells
Medium Items 1d6 Wand of Tongues (50 charges)
Major Items 0
Corruption Modifier 0
Crime Modifier 0
Economy Modifier +2
Law Modifier +1
Lore Modifier +4
Society Modifier -2

Qualities: Academic, Prosperous

Grizniak Steamwhistle, Gnome Male : Treats all objects as if they were sentient – Magical Items
Kerian Gurnberg, Human Female : Moody, always chewing something – General Goods
Lum Garman, Human Female : Trusting and energetic – General Goods
Seledra Rálenwë, Elf Female : Whistles alot, cowardly – Jewels and Art
Therlan Grabbi, Dwarf Male : Pessimistic, star-shaped birthmark – Weapons and Armor

Guard Captain:
Ruther Malecki, Human Male : Somber, shock white hair despite his age

Caravan Guards:
Honzu Iocco, Half-Orc Male : Flips a coin, not very observant
Hedrieks Vitild. Dwarf Male : Always looking to place a bet, has a scar down his left temple
Gwenta Carlson, Human Female : Extremely long hair and always humming to herself
Juutar Addus, Gnome Male : Missing teeth and well-spoken
Kimber Fowler, Human Female : Swears alot and distrustful of magic
Magh Ginesis, Human Male : Eagle-eyed and short-spoken to the point of rudeness
Durnsay Haradzin, Human Male : Overbearing and chauvinistic
Balmara Ithva, Dwarf Female : Foppish and nervous eye twitch
Ehangwyn Elwintoril, Elf Male : Always joking, but can’t take a joke
Alper Salenski, Human Male : Passionate lover of the arts, moody

Grizniak Caravan

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